Write a master thesis, is that possible?

Ghostwriters create texts of any kind on behalf of the customer. A ghostwriter writes poems, writes biographies, designs love letters.

An academic ghostwriter works similarly, he also creates academic texts on behalf of customers. His specialty is science. He is himself an academic and creates academically demanding texts. These can be lecture scripts, scientific articles and books, evaluations of scientific studies or commissioned work for a wide range of target groups. But also seminar papers, diploma theses, master theses, master theses, bachelor theses or even theses and dissertations? Some providers on the Internet quite bluntly advertise with such services. Years ago, a ghostwriter’s rather crude adage slogan “Zero buck, no idea? Never mind, we write your diploma thesis “In the small print, however, it usually says that these master theses are, of course, only written for training purposes and of course can not be submitted as a separate master thesis. So far so good.

Our writers explain in his FAQ’s that the texts he has written must, of course, be quoted like any other source, if the text finds its way into his own scientific work. So far so good.

Does that mean that the initial question “writing a master’s thesis can be answered adequately?” Not yet. First of all, there are academic ghostwriters who can write academic texts at the level of a master’s thesis. It should also be noted that they are not allowed to do this and that these academic texts are not to be issued as their own examination papers. If the client adheres to these rules of the game, the answer to the question at the beginning is a clear “No, that will not work”. In addition, there is a wide range of allowable assistance and formally correct approach to writing a master’s thesis, which has already been described above: sample texts as allowable help and quote the author where necessary – then works well with your own master’s thesis!