Who are ghostwriters?

Are Ghostwriters ghosts?

… and just like ghosts, they tell the most incredible stories about them.

Just like ghosts, ghostwriters are rarely seen. At least that applies to journalists. It would be only too much fun to write a story about a ghostwriter and give credence to the previously established story with facts of a ghostwriter willing to provide information. A journalist is less interested in objective reporting and more interested in a “Bad News” story, because that’s just a good headline. Who is already scared of a story of cute ghosts?

Scientific Correctness – Ghostwriter Quo Vadis

Ghostwriter has always been, how true! Around the Schavan Hype of the last days here once a timeless contribution of a long look throws back. Of course not without a link to the scientific correctness of our time

“Ghostwriters were accepted earlier

… Mostly because back then it was often professors who wrote the work of their students. From the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, the salaries of professors were so low that they improved their earnings, which was common practice. Even later, there were processes in the doctorate that are unacceptable to us. For example a doctorate »in absentia«, the doctorate in absentia. Doctoral students were able to submit their dissertation, but did not have to appear before a panel of experts to defend it. They could simply send a deputy to the exam. The official author of a doctoral thesis did not have to show what he had on the box. It could not be checked if he had written the thesis himself or just his name on it. “