Help with the master thesis

A master’s thesis places high demands on its author.

Not only should the scientific methods that were previously used in pro- or main seminars and exercises be applied, but also substances from all areas of study are usually included. The master’s thesis, the grade of which also decisively influences the final grade of the degree program, usually means the first, actually intensive and independent study of a topic.

The first point of contact will undoubtedly be the caregiver, who comes up with more or less desirable or unwanted advice. Creating the rough structure or the structure is the first major hurdle. The sweeter and more elegant this is taken, the easier the rest of the Master’s thesis. Nevertheless, at some point a point can be reached where it seems advisable to accept help and support from a third party. Perhaps the search does not progress. Maybe the necessary literature is out of reach. Perhaps a deadlock has been reached where the entire master’s thesis threatens to fail – and even the scientific career itself is endangered.

But what kinds of help are allowed, especially as a declaration about the independent creation / independent writing of the Master’s thesis is to be signed?